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Hot-Surface Ignition Research Project

Project type

Research Project


Summer 2023


Stanford, CA

As a Research Intern at The FX Lab during the summer of 2023, Jeewoo Choi contributed to a Boeing-backed research project focused on Hot-Surface Ignition (HSI) within jet airplane engines. This role involved the design and assembly of a sophisticated testing platform aimed at validating numerical and simulation studies directed by Professor Matthias Ihme. Jeewoo excelled in the iterative development of nozzle designs to ensure a uniform flow velocity profile for experimental accuracy. Additionally, meticulous management of the platform's fuel and air delivery subsystems was a key responsibility, guaranteeing precision and safety. Completing the full electrical system connections, Jeewoo ensured the platform's functionality and accuracy. Furthermore, they conducted ignition testing using fuels such as Hexane and Ethyl Alcohol within the temperature range of 800 - 1200 K, contributing significantly to the project's success.

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